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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Lim Lian Geok Postcards

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time for exchange purpose.

This series of postcard features the old pictures of Lim Lian Geok who contributed many for Chinese Education.

On 27 March 1958 Sir Tan Cheng Lock arranged a meeting between representatives of the Three Major Organizations and Tunku Abdul Rahman, the then Prime Minister. This photo was taken at the meeting room of the Prime Minister's office.
From right: Sim Mow Yu, Chin Chee Meow, Lim Lian Geok, Goh Chee Yan and Wen Tien Kuang
On 28 October 1954 Lim Lian Geok (back facing the camera) shook hands with the British High Commissioner Sir Donald MacGillivray visiting the Confusion Middle School, who exclaimed with a copy of the White Paper on Education in hand, "You have written quite a lot...!"
In January 1955 Lim Lian Geok led a delegation to meet with Tunku Abdul Rahman (President of the Alliance Party) at Sir Tan Cheng Lock's Malacca residence. They discussed the issues concerning using Chinese as an official language as well as educational rights for all ethnics.
In August 1956 Lim Lian Geok (2nd from the right)accompanied the then Education Minister (Tun) Abdul Razak at the Education Cartoons Exhibition of Huang Yao. 
On 9 September 1956 Lim Lian Geok (4th from left) flew to Penang to attend a ceremony to show appreciation to the donors of Jiao Zong. He was welcomed by the organizing committee.
Picture of Lim Lian Geok (2nd from the left, back row) and the then Headmaster of Confusion School Wu Jian Zhi with other teachers and pupils of Primary One in 1941. Lim headed the Primary Section and taught History and Literature in the Secondary Section.
On 24 August 1951 an official assembly of Chinese school teachers in Malaya was held at the Hokkien Association, Kuala Lumpur to protest against the Barnes Report and unite the strength of Chinese schools. This assembly was organized and prepared by KLCSTA led by Lim Lian Geok.
On 4 August 1985 at the 30th Anniversary of Dong Zong, Lim Lian Geok gave his last public speech. He was accompanied by Sim Mow Yu and Loot Ting Yee, both pioneers of Jiao Zong.

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