Monday, 4 January 2016

Manila Trip 2015: Star City

Star City is a family-oriented 35,000 square meter amusement park next to Culture Center. It is very suitable for kids and even adults.

We had bought “Ride-All-You-Can” for 420 peso and Snow World for 100 peso. For “Ride-All-You-Can”, we have unlimited access to the all the rides expect Mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Laser Blaster, Star Dome, Scream Avenue and Walk on Water because these did not included in packages. The times we went to there, it has some rides close for maintenance.

Same as Manila Ocean Park that we need to wear wrist band but at here has staff to help you to wear on your hand. It has 2 floors for the rides with indoor and outdoor.

In Star City have some stalls to sell cloths, bag, souvenirs and many more. The things in the stalls are exactly same so the choice is limited.

The Surf Dance is the most popular ride in this theme park because lots of people queue for it. It is thrill ride with twist and turn and lift so I did not try for it.

We are not so brave so mostly tried for family rides such as Dragon Express (roller coaster), Magic Forest (train), Red bacon (planes), Wacky Worm (roller coaster) and many more.

My friend’s parents even play with us. It was so great!

One of my friends suggested went into “Dungeon” which is quite scary because we did not know what are waiting for us. When you step in some place, you can hear the voice of machine with come out of prisoners. When walked inside, I closed my ear with hand and open my half eyes. Haha…

This Star City is very suitable for family to come here for a visit because it has lots of rides for you to try and in coming post, I will blog about other attractions such as Ferries Wheel, Peter Pan, Toy Chest & Snow World.

Star City
Sotto Cor. Jalandonu Sts. CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd.
Pasay City, Philippines 1300
Business Hour: Monday to Thursday 4:00pm to 11:00pm and Friday to Sunday (including public holiday) 2:00pm to 11: 00pm
Website: Star City
Twitter: Star City

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