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Friday, 29 January 2016

Ai FM Calendar 2016

Ai FM is a radio station in Malaysia which broadcast 24 hours various kind of music and program. I was so lucky that had won a calendar 2016 because it is not for sell.

The pictures in the calendar were taken at Pangkor Island.  Pangkor Island is a resort island off the coast of Perak, Malaysia. The major industries of the island are tourism and fishing.

The places which can be seen in Calendar such as Fu Lin Kong temple, Kota Belanda, Pantai Pasir Bogak, Tapak jemuran ikan masin, Limbungan kapal, Jeti Awam, Batu Bersurat and many more.

Xiao Wei and Xiao Fen are sisters and both of them works as DJ. Xiao Fen also is a host in a TV show “What Say You?”.

In University, I always listen for Ji An’s music show although the music which introduced was very rare. I forgot the quote of Ji An which lead me listen to his show.


I like the show which hosted by Min Ming because it is so knowledgeable and will learn something when listen to her show. The bad is usually the show host in the afternoon so I seldom have time to listen it.

If I not mistake, Jin Chuan had worked as news anchor before he joined Ai FM. Sometime, I will heard of his morning talk show on the way to office.

Before this, I always listen to Jin Long’s show in the car after having some jog in sports complex. I knew that he had received some awards for his career.

Shu Lin (July), Jing Cheng (September), En Ci (October) and Benny (November) were the DJ whose joined Ai FM after I finished my study in University so all of them, I did not knew very well.

Talking about Guo Jun, I can said that I had won some prizes from him before :D

Before this, I also had won movie CD as a prize from Pei Yin. Now the CD was still in my house.


  1. Oh very cute calendar darling!

    1. Sakuranko,

      The pictures taken are so beautiful :D


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