Thursday, 7 January 2016

Manila Food 2015: The Singing Cooks & Waiters Atbp Restaurant

The Singing Cooks & Waiters Atbp Restaurant is a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes while serenading and entertaining customers with well-known songs and traditional folk dances. It is a great musical dining experience.

When we went into the restaurant, we had been warm welcome with a security and ask us to wait for a while to confirm for the seat because we did not do any reservation.

If you want to come here, better do reservation to get a nice place (front) to watch the performance. As we did not do reservation so we sat beside of performance which is not a good place to watch and take picture of performance.

When we went inside, the performances not yet start but can saw that they are prepared with it.

We only ordered 3 types of dishes with large portion so that all of us can share together.

Pancit Musiko (An Original Dish) Large – 550 peso
Sweet and tasty Asian inspired flat noodles with squid, meatballs, chicken liver, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts and scrambled egg.

Red Egg & Tomato Bagoong Rice (Large)- 420 peso
Appetizing salted egg, tomato and shrimp paste flavored rice.

Chopsuey Guisado- 450 peso
Our version of the Chinese-style mixed meat & vegetable sauce.

The atmosphere in this restaurant is very happy because the cooks and waiters will sing and dance before dining. It is fun. They seems very enjoy for their work.

The waiter and cooks seems very busy beside do their own job because they need to sing and dance. They really have a good voice and talent in dancing. They knew sing lots of different language of songs.

We were so lucky that the cook cooked the noodle and vegetables in front of us with singing. The cook has a strong voice because when he sang, everyone is look at he.

The Chopsuey Guisado is more or less same with the Chopsuey we eat in Malaysia.

The Pancit Musiko (noodle) was salted so all of us just took some to eat. When the cook cooked for the noodle, my friends had saw that he put too much salt in the noodle. We not sure whether cook is like salty or he forgets how many spoon of salt he put into the noodle as keep singing. Haha..

The taste of Red Egg & Tomato Bagoong Rice is good. It was my first time to eat tomato rice with salted egg.

The “large” for noodle and rice is in big portion. Five of us cannot finish the noodle because we were so full in eating.

During performance, I had spotted a man took a video camera to record the performance with a headset. It seems very professional because normal people will not using headset. Then, my friends and I guessed that it has TV show recording because the cameraman (guy with headset) recorded two hosts interviewed with the cooks. The host talked in Thai so we guess that they are from Thailand. The cameraman even record or take picture for our tomato rice.

Beside sing and dance performance, when they sang for “Gangnam Style”, the cook had showed his cooking skill in front of all.

In one of the performance, one of the waiters invited my friend and I came out to dance. Wow, this was my first time to dance in front of people. Haha.. In normal melody, we just need to shake our body but when heard of “Run, run..” then we need to run. Last, we run to our place.

After the performance, everything is return to normal but some cooks and waiters also keep singing. When we backed, friendly security even helped us to find a taxi.

The Singing Cooks & Waiters Atbp Restaurant
Ongpauco Bldg, Roxas Blvd near corner Sen Gil Puyat Avenue, Manila

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