Thursday, 21 January 2016

Christmas DIY 2015: Gingerbread Man

When talked about Christmas, we will think of Santa Claus but I did not want to use Santa Claus for my Christmas DIY because it is so normal. Then I use gingerbread man as main theme of my Christmas DIY.


For envelope, I choose to use Gingerbread house as decoration so I online search for and print it out for coloring.

I used 2 different types of Gingerbread houses for envelope decoration.

I used green color envelopes for sending Christmas wish.

After coloring, I cut all the Gingerbread houses piece by piece and paste on envelopes.

Before sent out, I had pasted some colorful snowflakes on envelopes.

Stamp to Malaysia (80 cents), USA (RM 2.00) and Taiwan (RM 1.40) which had been weighted accordingly by post office staff.

Gingerbread Man

I also found the blank Gingerbread Man via online and printed in color paper. Then I pasted it on a card.

After that, cut the Gingerbread Man accordingly.

The Gingerbread Men were so plain so I put button stickers on it and draw some smiley faces.

Rainbow Loom

It quite some times that rainbow loom was so famous that everyone was addicted for it. My mum and sister also bought it to make some charm and cute items by watched You Tube. After few months, rainbow loom was forgotten and put in a corner.

When prepared for my Christmas DIY, suddenly I thought about rainbow loom and asked my mum and sister helped me do a lollipop. They tried to do it but lollipop seems a little bit difficult to them so changed to ice-cream. One of my friends who received it told me that she put it on her Christmas tree.

Small Bookmark 

When bought some stickers and washi tape via online, I also bought Christmas small bookmark. It comes with 4 different styles.

If just put the small bookmark into envelopes, I scared my friends will not aware about it so I online printed Christmas small tag and put the bookmark on it.

That all for my Christmas DIY and prepare for Chinese New Year DIY. Hope will success to do what I want. Haha..

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