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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Book Haul November 2015

In October 2015, Cite Book Garden was having discount for Body and Soul book theme so those books were having discount until 70%. Some books in my book list were having discount too therefore I bought some of it.

世界第一植化素家君君老师秘诀大公开,15 分钟的排毒奇迹


These 2 books are about the good of Phytochemicals which can find in vegetables. Beside that both of the books also share some recipes.


Try have a guess how old the girl on the book cover? 20+? 30+?

The answer is 40+. She is a mother who has two sons. Her face looks so young right? Hehe.. In this book, she shared about her beauty secrets.


For those who live far away from parents, the books estimated that the time they spend with parents around 55 days. Inside of this book have many short stories which may inspire you.

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