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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Book Haul from Book House

I think this was my first time to purchase book via Facebook fan page except direct purchase with author in his/her fan page.

Death is something which we seldom touch about it because not one would like talking about death. This also made many people did not know how to face with death. Through online, I knew that Yi Liang had published book about this topic so I planned to buy it for my own knowledge.

The reason I choose to buy the books from Book House because it offered 20% discount for these books. Beside that I had negotiated with Book House that use postage by sea so that I can pay less for the postage because if use courier, the postage need around RM 20++ compare with post by sea around RM 7 but slow.

Beside two books from Yi Liang, I also bought same topic book but different author who is Kaze Lee. You can hear her radio interview in Chinese for her new book.

I was satisfied with services provided by Book House because at first Book House did not sell for << Hospice Palliative Care >> but Book House can help me to find it. Before this I had been told that my book will be received after 2-4 weeks so I expect will receive on year 2016 but surprised that I receive it after 2 weeks.  

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