Friday, 1 January 2016

Manila Food 2015: Manila Ocean Park: Pinoys Delights

In Manila Ocean Park have lots of restaurants for your dining such as Green Bean Coffee, Wendy’s Fresh Express, Makan Makan Asian Food Village and many more. We chose to have our lunch in Pinoys Delights which served Filipino dish.

Pinoys Delight offered lots of choice of Filipino meal. By seeing the picture, I was not sure what is in the meal because I did not understand the words so I asked for explanation from staff.

In the menu have 2 types of meals which are Silog meals and Sizzling meals. Sizzling meal also can find in Malaysia so I know about it but Silog?

I had seen the explanation for “Silog” on the wall.  SILOG is a Filipino breakfast of fried rice topped with a couple over easy eggs and your choice of sweet or salty meats.  Silog is a suffix referring to the fried rice (sinangag) and egg (itlog) and the dishes are named accordingly: tapsilog (tapa, the original silog) tosilog (tocino), adobsilog (pork adobo), longsilog (longanisa), bacsilog (bacon), hotsilog (hotdog), porksilog (porkchop) etc.

When I was thinking which meal should I chose, the staff had introduced me sizzling fish meals which not in the menu. As I not really like to eat pork so I chose for fish which cost me 100 peso.

This meal only has half body of fish with rice and egg. It is very hot because cook in sizzling style. 

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