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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Notebook: Puss & Boots illustration by Ayano Imai

When first saw of this series of notebook, I had attracted by its illustration which looks cute but I did not buy for it as I did not know where can I use for it.

When second times went to the shop and saw of this notebook again, I told myself that just buy it without thinking too much. Then, I had bought all series of this notebook which was 4 books with RM 2.90 each.

As sharing is caring so I had asked my two sisters to choose the cover of notebook that they like and gave to them and I only keep for two books. 

This notebook has a title of Puss & Boots illustration by Ayano Imai so I search through internet to find more information about this illustration. 

Through internet, I knew that Ayano Imai was born in London, England in 1980 and she always travelled around world with her family since young. The first children book that illustrated and written by she was The 108th Sheep.  

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