Sunday, 20 April 2014

Postcard DIY: Happy Easter Day 2014

As I seen many handmade postcard was so beautiful so I decided to do too but my drawing skills was not good so I tried for easy postcard DIY first.

My general DIY idea was not focus on drawing but mix with cut and paste. As Easter day is coming soon so it’s good for me to draw a rabbit as drawing rabbit was not so complicated.

To do a Happy Easter Day theme postcard, I need to prepare an alphabet ruler to draw the word of “Happy Easter Day” and some colorful papers. 

Next is a blank postcard that I can do anything I want on it. Other materials include scissors, glue, pen and water color markers. 

First, draw the word of “Happy Easter Day” on the blank side/ at the back of colorful papers.

After that, cut the alphabet by using scissors. When I finished cut some of it, I realize that I had drawn wrongly of the alphabet. As I had drawn “P” on back side of paper, then the results will be the other side of “P” (refer picture as below).

In order to get the right side of “P” then on the back side of paper, I need to draw an other side of “P” so when I cut it, the results will be the “P” that I want (refer picture as below).

After finished cut out the words that I want, it’s time for me to arrange accordingly.

In this postcard, I arranged the same word with same color that Happy (red color), Easter (orange color) and Day (green color).

After arranged and paste the word on postcard, I started to draw a rabbit at the right side of postcard and some eggs behind the word of “Day”.

After drawing a rabbit, it’s time for coloring. After color, the postcard had been done.

I had drawn 3 postcards and had been sent out. Recently, I had been received a feedback from one of my friends that my handmade postcard was so beautiful as first she saw of it, she just wonder where do I buy it before she read the message on postcard. I am very happy when heard of it!

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