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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Let’s Travel Magazine January 2014

December 2013
I had saw 8TV had organized a travel picture contest that just need to submit a delight travel picture to them and the prize is Let’s Travel Magazine. After saw this, I had chosen a travel picture with my friends in Kundasang to be submit.

January 2014
I had received a call from 8TV staff that she needs to reconfirm my address as they want to send me the magazine. I was very happy to hear of it as I like to read magazine. After few days, the magazine safely arrived at my house. 

This was my first time to read Let’s Travel Magazine although I had been heard for this magazine before. The selling price of this magazine at East Malaysia is RM 11.20 while West Malaysia is RM 10.00.

The purpose of 8TV giveaway this magazine as one of 8TV host, Desmond had been contributed of his Europe experience in this magazine. The picture of Venice is so beautiful. 

Lonely Planet had chosen top 10 best travel country which include Malaysia too. 

In this magazine also has some discussion of couch-surfing with Luke who always welcome couch-surfing, Chris who had been couch-surfing to some countries and John who did not interested with couch-surfing due to safety purpose.

By reading this magazine, I really gain lot of knowledge such as know that a place in England name Todmorden has promote vegetable tourism that you can pick the vegetables for free. Besides that, Denmark flag equal to birthday that if someone celebrate birthday, his/her house will put a flag on it.

In this magazine has a year planner 2014 that I can mark or write my schedule on it.

Besides monthly schedule, this year planner also has some recommend travel places in Malaysia that introduce by photographer, blogger, singer and others. 

The reason I took this page of travel places because I spotted "Labuan", my current living place but it did not introduce my place but more on Menumbok.

This is a brochure about Nagoya, Japan and it is a good travel guide if you wish to travel to Nagoya soon as it did introduce some interesting places. 


  1. I really wish I could read Chinese cause I found out this Let's Travel magazine seems interesting and more details compare the rest of travel magazines.

    By the way, congratulation for your winning.

    1. Diana,
      You also can try to search for English travel magazine such as Gaya Travel Magazine as for me, this magazine also informative.


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