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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

#2 February 2014

I was receiving an angpow packet  that made from felt as it was my winning prize. It was handmade and very nice.

I had received a SMS to tell me that the parcel had been torn out so I need to go to post office to take a look to see whether has anything missing. Luckily that the things did not missing as inside of parcel had been wrap up with a plastic wrap. The parcel is a kit that includes Dettol Shower Gel, Veet waxing strips and Gaviscon sachets. 

This day was Chap Goh Mei and I had taken a group photo with my cousins and aunts.  

At that day, Labuan Buddhist Association (LBA) had been fully booked for the cinema hall and as my sister is a member of LBA so she suggest we can go to watch for this movie because she can help us to book for the movie ticket. Finally, I had watched a movie of “The Journey” with my family.

Pic source: Google
I was so lucky that had been won a magazine of Gourmet Living @ 食尚品味 from Ah Tee. At the page of his article, Ah Tee has written some words on it. 

My neighbor had given us this snack to eat. When tried for the snack, I just wonder that this ribbon bean curd also can be a snack by fry and apply for honey on it. The taste is sweet and crispy.

I had been renewing my library card for free as this month is Federal month so I did not need to pay for any fee. In library, I had spotted two books that write by Ow Yong Lin  and borrowed them for read. It was quite a time that I heard of the name of this author and finally I had chance to read his book although these two books are not his new books.

I had prepared this note book for me to jot down all the interesting places and food in Thailand as I will be going for a trip on this coming July.

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