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Monday, 21 April 2014

#3 March 2014

My family had organized family gathering in my house as welcome my aunt from Kedah come here for a visit. Besides that, we had made a birthday surprise for my aunt too.

It was my first times to receive Naraya bag. The bag is so beautiful with flower printed.

My mum and I had baked a layer cake. Compare with sponge cake, I more preferred sponge cake. 

My bosses from Hong Kong had pay for a visit in my office. One of my bosses gave us chocolate as a gift. Before meet with them, I was so nervous. After met with them, I found out that they are so friendly and nice. During dinner, one of bosses sharing his experience in China that he had tries for monkey brain, so disgusting! 

I had got a 4GB pen drive for me to store some pictures in it.

When went to Pasar Tani, I had saw some people signing banner of blessing MH 370 for a return. I also went there for a sign. 

This macaroon lip balm is so cute. My sister thought this macaroon can be eat because this macaroon lip balm looks like a real macaroon.

This day had met with a helpful girl that she saw my mother’s car had been blocked by a lorry that made us difficult to move and she knew the driver of the lorry so she found and asked the driver to drive away his lorry.

In night, my house’s phone was ringing and I pick up the call. This phone call was called by my friends as she can’t find me through my hand phone so she was worry about me. Actually, I had put my hand phone in room with silent mode so I did not know that my friends find for me. She and other frineds really are my caring friends who always care for me :)


  1. Seems like u had a great month :)


    1. Ileana,

      I hope you also have a great month too :)


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