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Friday, 18 April 2014

My Beauty Diary: Southern France Apricot Mask & Bulgarian White Rose Mask

October 2013

Through email, I had saw that Hermo (an online beauty website that sells cosmetics, makeup, skin care, bath & body, hair and more) has offer free shipping to any states of Malaysia. After seeing this offer, I quickly go to Hermo website to take a look and plan what should I buy as usually, if I buy anything in Hermo below RM 200, I need to pay for shipping charge so now was a good deal for me.

I like Hermo as it always having promotion or sales from times to times. Like this times, I had purchased My Beauty Diary mask with lower price that one box cost RM 22.00 and free shipping.

My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask

This mask has soft, smooth and high moisture effect. It is very suitable for all skin types especially dry and combination skin. This mask has a light fruit scent and make my face supple after using it.

My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask

This mask has whitening and soothing effect. It is very suitable for all skin types especially dull and lacking luster skin. This mask has a light flower scent that moisturize my face immediately after using it. As I did not regularly using this mask so the whitening effect did not show clearly on my face. 


  1. 原来美丽日记换了包装啊,变得更可爱了=)

    Apricot 的味道很香,喜欢有这个味道的护肤品。所以等要去买这个味道的美丽日记


    1. 美云,




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