Friday, 25 April 2014

2014-03 Favorite Postcards Received

On 28th March, I was receiving back a postcard that I sent to Taiwan. I think maybe the postman confuses with I am the one who is receiver as at right side of postcard has 2 addresses. Usually I will stick my own address on left side of postcard but in this postcard, I had fully utilize the left side space in there so I did not had enough space to put my address that I decide to put on right side.

After discuss with the receiver, she suggest me to send the return postcard by put in an envelope. I had showed a picture of my postcard (as above picture) to she for explanation. She suggest that next time I need to put the word of “To” and “From” to prevent the postcard missed send back to me.

This is a Taiwan screen postcard that has a film of Ali Mountain. Ali Mountain looks so beautiful and it was my second time to hear someone told me that Ali Mountain is a good place to see sunset. 

When receiving this postcard, I have no idea about what is Amish Country as did not heard about it before. By looking with the picture of postcard, I can know that Amish Country has farm, horse and others which has a beautiful scenery.

This is a Taiwan building shaped postcard. I like shaped postcard as it looks special. Before this, Lin had made an exchange postcard by request us send a postcard to her mum. In this postcard, she told me that the postcard project of send a postcard to her mum very successful as now her relationship with her mum become good as they always discuss postcard that receive. Before this, she always quarrel with her mum and did not know how to live together with her mum as she study at outside.  

When you see of this postcard, did you feel funny? Qi told me that the seller of this postcard also a funny person. No wonder the postcard can make someone happy too.

This is a comic postcard about a grandma with a postman. The grandma is so good that treat the postman a cup of coffee when he deliver letter to she. 

This postcard show a picture of a girl was so happy when her boyfriend proposes to she. On postcard has a word of “爱你1314” means love you forever. At the back of postcard has Taiwan postmark about Taiwan and Valentine Day.

Fritz - Det - Anton
Edi - Comi - Berti
Do you know who are them? In Germany, they are called as "Little Mainz Men" that since more than 40 years they intercept TV ads with tiny little firms where 6 of them face some challenges and resolve with fun. For more information, read in Wikipedia or ESC:Ramon.

Through postcard, I know that Kentucky State, USA’s feature is deer, horse racing, parrots and others. According to Wikipedia, Kentucky is a state located in the East South Central Region of the United States. It known as "Bluegrass State" a nickname based on bluegrass found in many of its pastures because of the fertile soil.


  1. What..??? how they could send back tuo u?? quite funny lol hahahaa.. by the way all the postcard very beautiful.. i try to be collector but hahahaa.. u know man can't really keep something :P hehehe..

    1. Time Traveller,
      I think it also my false as on postcard has 2 addresses and I did not put “To” and “From” so the postman feel confuse and to get job easy, just send back to me.Haha..


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