Friday, 28 March 2014

Chap Goh Mei 2014 (Part 2)

[Part 1]   

Luckily the rain was stop during our dinner but the road to next station was still wet so we must careful when walking. Some part of the road is land road that actually was so difficult to walk on as it was wet and sticky but has some nice people put paper tray on land road so we can walk on paper tray to next station safety.

Same as previous station, there have some people at there so I can took photo with the decoration without need to wait for long turn.

Firstly, I was attracted by gold eggs as they were so shining and usually I will see red eggs during birthday but did not seem these gold eggs before.  

Next, there was pair of red ducks with its eggs. On one of the duck has a paper that hope Malaysia will peace and prosperity.

Prawns were arranged nicely on plate. Look yummy! 

I like the 3D jelly that made of fishes with gold bullion. I was impressing with the person who made it and curious how they mix the color of fish’s stripe that made it looks real.

This cake has a horse picture that looks simple with its drawing. Perhaps next time I can refer to this picture for drawing a horse as all the lines look clearly. 

This is a cake that has effect of 2D with 3D. The 2D would be the picture of horse while 3D is the scroll. What a creative idea! Compare with previous horse, this horse will be difficult in drawing as it looks complicated. 

This is a picture printed cake that also has a picture of horse running.  

Many people were attracted by this decoration which was 2 yellow horses doll with a love in center that wishing Happy Chap Goh Mei and Valentine Day.Many people take some photos with this decoration include me too.

Besides the previous horses in love decoration, this horse also grabs many attentions from others to take photo with it. It made from many beans. 

This is a ship that takes many cakes with a gold basket. Turn on the light in ship make it more shine on night.

This is a simple cake that has a light brown horse running.

As this station name with 来成境 so the owner of this station also has a cake to display to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year and success in any fields.

As we had seen many picture of horse on cake so now is the Chinese word of Horse on cake.

Every cake display on center view (as picture) so when I took the photo of cake, I need to either turn my camera to take the front view of cake or take photo from side view and rotate to center view using photo editor. As this picture I take from side view so when I rotate it to center, the picture of cake becomes small and not clear so I let this picture be original without any rotation. On the cake have many small gold horses.

This display all had done with beans includes the words. Did you notice that it has 2 background colors, I think blue color represent blue sky while green represent grass. When write for this description, I just realize that I did not see properly what is the ingredients of blue. 

Next is the Chinese word display by using beans on a red paper of bowl. Take the picture of all the word together looks so beautiful.

Come with the other end of display was the snacks that need to worship such as sweets, biscuit and others.

I turn to other side and continued took photo of cakes. This is also a horse printed picture cake with small flower decoration.

The jelly was looks so delicious. At the center of jelly has a word of “” means Prosperity. At the side of Prosperity jelly has some moon cake jelly with color mixing.

When saw this cake, I suddenly think of birthday cake with its cream, cherry and fruits. At the center of cake has a picture of two horses. 

This is Hello Kitty macaroons with cotton candy. On the 3 macaroons has an angpow cutting word that indicates spring.

On the green beans has a word of Prosperity with some red fish that made from jelly with sweets.

At this year, I did not wait for the any performance so after took all the photos, I back to my aunt house. 

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