Friday, 17 March 2017

The Stories of Malaysia Airline Promo Ticket

Who dislike Promo ticket especially during festival?

In my Sibu trip, I bought Chinese New Year promotion ticket flied from Kota Kinabalu to Labuan which cost me RM 82.66. As the Promo ticket for depart 6.50pm was sold out so I bought for depart 9.10pm.

From Sibu to Kota Kinabalu, I reached airport on 2.10pm therefore it such a long time to wait until 9.10pm. Therefore I went to Malaysia Airline (MAS) office to request change the ticket to depart on 6.50pm. The staff informed me that I did not have right to change it because the ticket which I bought was Promo ticket. For those buy for MH Smart and MH Flex, it has right to change the time for depart only if the flight has seat.

That is another story regarding the flight been retimed. I bought Promo ticket too which depart on 9.10pm. This time flight been retimed to 6.45pm for depart. This time I had right to change the time and date that I want. Therefore I changed to next morning depart on 6.30am as 6.45pm depart seems rush for me. You can change it in MAS office.

The office hour for MAS office as below:-

I seldom take flight therefore never been meet flight delay until 27 February 2017 (Monday). The flight (Kota Kinabalu to Labuan) which should be departing on 6:30am had been delayed to 8:10am. Due to delayed, all the passengers can get a breakfast voucher.

The voucher did not specified clearly therefore I went Marrybrown to ask whether can use the voucher or not. The staff told me that it’s only for McDonald’s and KFC. Therefore I claimed it at McDonald’s when reach Labuan. After showed the voucher, I can buy the breakfast amount up to RM 15. 

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