Saturday, 4 March 2017

Qu Lin Resident

Qu Lin Resident is near with Sungai Merah Heritage Walk. At night, the bridge is so beautiful with the lights.

Near with Qu Lin Resident has Wong Nai Siong Memorial Garden which you can pay for visit. Wong Nai Siong lead the Foochow settlers from China to Sibu.

Qu Lin Resident is some like a house concept. It did not have lift but has stairs. It is very high in security because you need to flash access card before go in.

Those pictures which taken by me seems messy because of I did not immediately take the room pictures upon go in.

The room is quite big with double bed and some unmovable furniture such as table and chairs.The TV channel only has TV1, TV2 which are those free TV channel. The WiFi in the room is no so strong so sometime I will use my mobile data to online. The switch plug inside of the room has three which is more than enough for 2 persons to use it.

The bathroom is quite big. It has bath liquid which inside a small box attached to the wall. When bathing, you can choose for hot or cold shower.

Qu Lin Resident is no providing daily cleaning. It will be clean up the room upon check out.

For 3 nights stays, we paid for RM 206.10 which including 6% tax. It means that it around RM 68.70 per night for double bed without window. The only disadvantage of without window room is did not know what happen outside. For the view, it only has lots of green trees so choose for without window room also ok.

The best about Qu Lin Resident is it offer FREE transport transfer from or to hotel. I only use for its transport services when back.

Qu Lin Resident
S/L 7, No. 17,
Lorong Seduan 2,
Pekan Sibu,
Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: +60 13-802 7968 or +6084 311406
Facebook: Qu Lin Resident

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