Monday, 6 March 2017

Eat In Sibu 2017: Part 1/3

This part is more on main dish like kampua, laksa, raw meat noodle (Sheng Rou Mee) and gong pia.

Soon Hock Café & Restaurant

When having lunch at here, I suddenly saw a familiar face (suddenly forgot her name) so I wave hand to show “Hi” to she and she also smile and hi with me. Then, my friends who seat with me curious who I wave hand with so she takes a look and saw the girl who is also our Uni friend. Then, all of us sit together and start chatting. Uni friend been married and has a kid.

This is kampua which cooked by female owner. If you want to try for the original kampua, order for white kampua.

Soon Hock Café & Restaurant
Jalan Pedada Shoplot (opposite Hwai Ann Methodist Church)

Medan Mall (Thomson Corner)

The mall in Sibu seems very good because no need to pay for parking. After go around in the mall, we went to Thomson Corner. It has 2 branches in Sibu. My friend told me that the branch which outside the mall has gong pia or Chinese begels.

We ordered peanuts soup (RM 3.50), Momocacar (RM 3.50), Sieng Chau santan (RM 3.00) and laksa in large (RM 7.00) for a try. The desserts can be choosing hot or cold.

My Kuching friend told me that this laksa is almost same taste with the laksa in Kuching.

Sieng Chau or grass jelly usually served with soy beans milk but this time is with santan which is quite new for me. It tastes good.

Thomson Corner Medan Mall
No 28-29 1st Floor,
Medan Mall Complex
96000 Sibu

Wan Li Sheng Rou Mee (万里生肉面)

Kota Kinabalu is famous with Sang Nyuk Mian or raw meat noodle. This time, I tried for Sarawak version. The noodle is using Kampua as a base.

We ordered white and black (soy sauce) noodle. The white noodle has a best taste although it seems tasteless with its color.

The meat inside the soup is so tender.

Leong Leong Café

This café (Rejang Park) has a long history since 1984. Talking about gong pia, we usually eat for dry gong pia but this shop has wet gong pia. The gong pia in this shop is very delicious which include its desserts or drinks.

The wet gong pia is soaked in the gravy of 5 spices and soy sauce. If want me to choose dry or wet gong pia, I will choose dry gong pia because it is so crispy. The wet gong pia is soft.

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