Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Eat In Sibu 2017: Part 3/3

This part has western food and night market.

Pause Café

Our initially planning is going to Full House to enjoy the steak as it is closed so we changed to Pause Café which is same row with it.

We ordered Mixed Platter (RM 45.90) which suitable for 3-4 persons. We were so full after finished it. Inside of the Mixed Platter have spaghetti, chicken chop (Maryland & black pepper), beef ball, nuggets and French fries.

This is steak ordered by my friend.

The menu for the café as below:-

Pause Cafe
No.3, Ground Floor, Ulu Sg. Merah 35B2
(lot 8978 Blk 6 Seduan L.D)
Sibu, Sarawak
Tel: 016-878 6072
Facebook: Pause Cafe

Full House

The Full House was opened after we pay for second visit. Same as its name, the shop is always full of people. Luckily the time I went, it still has a seat. Many people come here for the steak because it is big in portion with cheaper price.

I ordered BQ sauce chicken steak (RM 8.90) which has 2 big pieces of chicken, beans, salad and French fries. The French fries are so crunchy.

Night Market

At night, I went for night market at Jalan Market.

This night market has stalls which managed by Chinese and Malay. Malay stalls usually have grilling.

The Chinese version Apam Balik or griddle pancake is so crispy.

In night market can see many people sell buns, sui mai (steamed chicken dumplings) and many more.

Even pig’s meat also was selling at the night market. Cool!

The advertisement for this shop is so funny. It said that “boss is not around so cheaper sell”.

After night market, my friend brings me to Chinese New Year night market. At there has fun fair.

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