Monday, 27 March 2017

My Favorite Angpow 2017

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In this post, some of the angpows are given by my friends to me as they knew that I collect angpow.

I like the flower patterns in the rooster.

The design angpow of Saza Rice made me think of reunion dinner.

This was my first time to receive surname angpow.

The angpow of BNP Paribas made me think of spring.

Is the maze on the angpow of OCBC Bank? Hehe..

Peacock on the angpow is very beautiful.

A cute guy on the angpow :D

A pretty lady on the angpow and the angpow is in white color.

The Fortune God is so cute. 

These 3 angpows have a diamond shape. I like it!

As usual, this year I did request angpow from Ah Jib Gor Facebook.

Happy cats on the angpow.

This angpow has combines the picture of rooster with the word of “”.

Below are the cute rooster year angpows which gave by my friend.

At my place did not has MR. D.I.Y Store therefore my friend give these angpows to me.

This is last year angpow which looks funny with the pictures on it.

These angpows are simple with Chinese words and flowers.

The angpows of Edaran Tan Chong are always very cute.

These angpows are from Super. Those angpows has pictures of white rooster.

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