Sunday, 12 March 2017

Road Trip (Sibu >> Bintangor >> Sarikei >> Sibu)

21 January 2017 (Saturday)

In the morning, five of us started our road trip.

Wong Hung Ping (Bintangor Rojak)

Our first stop was eating famous rojak.

The sauce of rojak made the rojak so delicious.

Wong Hung Ping Rojak
Jalan Mahkamah,
96507 Bintangor,

Glory Café (Sarikei)

I see this before because my friends posted prawn noodle in coconut in social media. I just knew that it looks special but did not know the taste.

When eat the prawn noodle, it is so yummy with the tom yam. For me, the tom yam is not too spicy.

I am the person who seldom eat tom yam but when eat for this prawn noodle, I feel in love with it. High recommend you to try!

We ordered prawn noodle and vermicelli in coconut respectively.

The coconut pudding (RM 7) is small in size compare with the one in Labuan.

Big prawn noodle in coconut RM 37
White prawn noodle in coconut RM 28

For those dislike tom yam which is quite spicy can order for kampua.

Glory Café
Jalan Bank,
96100 Sarikei
Tel: 084-658 122

Kim Hing Bakery & Confectionery (Sarikei)

This bakery is at housing area. Look from outside, it is just a normal bakery.

Inside of it has sell handmade mochi which has many flavors such as peanuts (RM 5.60), green tea (RM 5.40), black sesame (RM 7.50), pandan (RM 5.40) and red bean (RM5.40).

The time I went, mochi just leave flavors of peanuts, sesame, green tea and pandan. I bought peanuts and pandan flavors. Mochi taste good. I prefer peanuts than pandan.

Kim Hing Bakery & Confectionery (Sarikei)
No. 43A, Jalan Hua Tai No.1,
Sarikei 96100
Tel: 084- 652 067
Facebook: Kim Hing Bakery

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