Thursday, 9 March 2017

Taman Bukit Aup Jubilee Park

20 January 2017 (Friday)

Taman Bukit Aup Jubilee Park is near with 1 Malaysia Culture Village so can pay a visit to these two places.


In park has lots of fishes, you can buy some food for fish at the counter. Remember not to bring your own food to feed the fish.

I thought that Taman Bukit Aup Jubilee Park is just a normal garden. Who know, inside of it has hanging bridge.

In the park can try for jungle trekking which is so fun. I think it's only take around 30 minutes to reach cottage.

Went up on the stairs of cottage, you are at the top of the park which can enjoy the view of Sibu.

It has Lotus Lake which can see more leaves than flowers, maybe now is not the season.

Taman Bukit Aup Jubilee Park
Jalan Inai,
96000 Sibu,

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