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Chap Goh Mei 2017- Part 1

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11th February 2017 (Saturday)

In this year, I followed Deities Parade from station one until four because next day is Sunday which I can rest in house after the event. Before 5pm, the deities from different temple were coming to Station 4’s temple. Kids were gathered around temple to take the lantern.  Every time has deities comes, they will light up the firecrackers as welcome.

The disadvantages of visit 4 stations are forget decorations in stations when saw the pictures because I took the pictures with camera and hand phone. This consider as short term memory. Next time better sort out the pictures first after finish visit all of them. Hope I did not mix up decorations with stations :P

Around 7.30pm, the procession started by kids went first with lantern and followed Deities Parade.  On the way from Station 4 to Station 1, we were going through short cut which some places are like jungle, need cross the bridge and so on. The night is dark so we need to turn on the light function in the phone so that we can see clearly the road.

Most of the time we will pass by the house and they will wait at the front of the house to see the Deities Parade. Some houses will light up the firecrackers. This year was the year which I saw many fireworks and heard many times of firecrackers.  The lion dance is not followed us, they will go to the station first by lorry.

Station 1

From Station 4 to Station 1, took around 1 hour to reach. At there has many people, I saw has China tourists follow tour guide to here for a visit. They even have chance to take picture with TB Datuk Rosman.

The coolest decoration was the chicken having Deities Parade with naked body. Funny right? Haha..

The God will rest for a while before continue for next station so usually this is the time for me to take pictures of decorations or look for toilet.

Before go to next station, they will go to nearest temple and round for few rounds.

Station 2

When visiting the Station, my favorite is to look at the cakes because usually the decoration is beautiful and creative. This year is Rooster year so at most of the cake, you can see the chick or rooster.

When on the way walk to station with Deities Parade, better to walk beside of the road so that you will not block the road of Deities Parade which will make them late.  When you walk at the center of the road indirectly, it will people to remind you to go aside.

At this station has lion dance. The lion dance is quite creative because it has using egg and rooster doll as part of performance.

I like the board of “肃静” (keep quiet) and “回避” (go aside). These boards usually will see in traditional drama.

Before go to Station 3, all of us need walked to nearest temple which around 1km from the station.

From Station 2 to Station 3, all of us include Deities Parade and kids were walking on road. RELA Volunteers are helping with the traffic (stop the car from using the one side road). 

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