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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Terminal 21: Themed Washroom


In Terminal 21, don’t forget to visit each floor of washroom as each floor has own design of washroom.

In this post, the pictures will be more than words so you just enjoy the pictures although my photography skill is not good.

My friends and I had gone to each level of washroom to take wefie (same as selfie but with 2 or more people that make it as “WE-fie”).

Except washroom, the cleaner in washroom also have their own uniform that suit to the theme of the floor. The cleanser was all the time standby in washroom to maintain the cleanliness.

This will be my first time capture so many pictures in a toilet as all of them very unique.

The washroom for male and female almost same but due to it was not convenience for my male friends take picture in washroom as there have people done their “business”..Ehem, you know what I mean right? Haha..

If you ask me that which floor of washroom you like the most then my answer will be I like all of them because each floor has their own attraction.

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