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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Indonesia Souvenirs from Sister

In April 2014, my sister had followed her University’s study trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. *so good* Do I have opportunity to go there too? Haha..

As she did not spend all the money when in Indonesia so she had bring some back for my dad’s collection. 

When talk about souvenir, many of you will think of key chain. My sister did buy some key chain for us.

There are milk candies that my sister bought. During my Thailand trip, I also bought many milk candies that end up my family get bored with it so next time better to buy less than more. Hihi..

Besides candy, it also has snack. It is chocolate favor

This is Jakarta T-shirt that for my parents.

These coin bags are the souvenir that my sister had given to her roommate. 

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