Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Halloween & Christmas Gifts 2014

This is a post that records some gifts that I received during Halloween and Christmas. 

Without open the envelope, I can feel the Halloween as on the envelope has many Halloween theme stickers such as pumpkin, cute ghost and so on. Inside of envelope has a Halloween package that has small gifts for me such as stickers and decorative tapes. 

Without open the envelope and by see the drawing of pandas, I had known that it from Ching Ee as she is panda lover. Ching Ee had sent me a Christmas card that inside the card has a Santa Claus and Christmas tree that made by her. Besides that, she had given me a donut keychain and hair tool that prevent the front hair cover your face.

This Christmas gift from Xiao Ying that she had handmade a Christmas bookmark that had my blog name. The bookmark is very beautiful. Besides that, she had written some Christmas massage on love shape Christmas card for me.   

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