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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Shopping Haul from Stickerrific

Stickerrific is an arts and crafts supply store that based in Malaysia which sell traveler’s Notebook, washi tape, stickers and stamps. It has a store in Jaya One but as I live in East Malaysia so I did not have opportunity to visit the store. Luckily that I still can shop via online.

23 December 2014

I had made an order to Stickerrrific via Facebook and get the feedback from Stickerrific about the things that I purchase was very fast.  Szetoo (owner of Stickerrific) informed me that the postcard that I purchase was out of stock but she had recommended other type of postcard to me. Beside that, she had posted out my things at the same day after I made the payment. 

26 December 2014

As 25 December was public holiday for Christmas so the parcel had a little bit late send to my house. As one of my postcard friend’s birthday coming soon so I had bought her some gift in Stickerrific besides my things.

Let take a look what I had bought. 

Traveler Note
This Traveler Note has the travel templates such as travel route, expenses list, food list and even some blank paper for you to write something. It is very suitable for lazy person like me to record my travelling. Haha..

Fusen Collection to Do Memo
I gave this to my postcard friend in order for her to stick on her traveler notebook. I like the clock memo that you can draw the time that you want.

Plate Sticky Note
You can draw any food that you want on this empty plate and stick on traveler notebook so this also for my postcard friend.

Hand painted Malaysian Food postcards <Link>
These are watercolor Malaysia food postcards which have nasi lemak, ABC, laksa and many more. I like hand painted postcard which look very nice.

Washi Tapes
I had bought 2 types of tapes. The black color frame tape is wish to use on postcard as it has some space for me to write something. I can write the Postcrossing ID number on this tape and stick on postcard. In order to let the mail to be fast deliver, I had purchased air mail tape so that the mail will deliver by air than by ship. After I bought, I just remember that can take air mail sticker in post office which suggested by my friend before. 

Dog Watercolor Postcard Set <Link
If you are dog lover, surely you will like this series of postcard as all of the dogs are so cute.

Freebies: Washi Tape
Beside my things, I had received a stick of 3 designs washi tapes for me to use of.

Last is the thank you note from Szetoo. Hope in future can have chance to pay a visit to Stickerrific store.

E-83, 1 Level 1, 
The Square at Jaya One,
72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya


  1. If you like stationery, I had stumbled thru a FB page which sell stationery in reasonable price too: Yaya Papeleria.
    Have fun with stationery :)

    1. YiYing,

      Thanks for your recommendation, surely I will take a look :)

  2. Hi there. How much does it cost for the washi tape there?

    1. Siti,

      I think the washi tape cost RM 8 onward.

      You can refer the link as below:-


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