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Monday, 23 February 2015

Postcard DIY: Playing Kite

This time, the purpose of the birth of this postcard is I want to use washi tape to create a kite.

First, I draw a girl and boy on the blank postcard.

It was followed by coloring the boy and girl.

I plan to use two different colors of yarns to represent the string of the kite.

Then, I start draw a square or kite on the sticker paper. Sticker paper is used by me after I had finished stick all the stickers so I use the back of this sticker paper to do some drawing.

After that, cut out the kite. 

Then, I need to estimate the length of the yarn that I need by put them on the hand of boy and girl.

I started to use a thin washi tape to stick the yarn so that it will not loose when I take the postcard and it will fixed in a place.

After fixed for some part of yarn, I continuous to make a kite by stick the washi tape on the kite. As the kite is bigger than washi tape so I need to use 2 layers of washi tapes to cover the kite. When layering or stick the 2 washi tapes, remember to connect two of them nicely so that when you peel the washi tape from the sticker paper, it will good in shape. 

After cover the kite by washi tape, I need to cut the washi tape accordingly to the shape of kite. 

After that, I stick the washi tape (kite) on the yarn so that it will fix it in a place too. It same applied to the other kite.

As just girl and boy seem lonely so I had add some animals with them so it looks cute.

If you see properly, you will found out the string of kite for boy and girl are tie with each other as both of them did not know with each other before so I create some opportunity for them to know with each other or start a conversation when they found out the string of kite are tie with each other. Haha..

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