Sunday, 1 February 2015

Random Updates: My Sister’s Convocation 2014

24th November 2014 was my sister’s big day as she graduated. My family and I had gone to UMS to witness the precious time of my sister.

It was been 3 years that I did not return to my University after graduation. It did have some changes such as new lecture halls, bus stop and many more. The things that did not change and surprise me will be the bus fee to own hostel (RM 0.50) and 1 Borneo (RM 1.00) as it still remain and I had took my family to experience it when we want go to 1 Borneo after convocation.

In the morning, we took taxi to UMS that cost us RM 30 per trip. It was traffic jam during the way to UMS as many people also went to same places. The taxi driver took us to bus stop opposite library as the road to Dewan Canselor had been blocked.

On the way to Dewan Canselor, I had taken some pictures of the view and building. Library is the place where I always go for group discussion, borrow book and mainly spending time to online. Haha..

Near with Dewan Canselor, you can see many people start to do selling flower or bear business. That has lots of flowers and bears for you to choose for.

Before enter the Dewan Canselor, we had went to buy fresh flower for my sister. The choice for fresh sunflower is limited and lastly we bought sunflower from a stall. A boutique of sunflower cost RM 55 with a small bear inside flower which cost RM 5.

Before buy for this sunflower, I had suggested go to Tamu Gadang as previously it near with Dewan Canselor and it has lots of stalls for us to choose for. On the way go out from Dewan Canselor, I had asked for a girl about the Tamu Gadang and knew that it had been moved to Padang Kawad which far away from here so lastly, we just bought the flower at Dewan Canselor.

In Dewan Canselor, it has lots of family sitting inside as we were quite late so my family and I sit at upstairs. Some people even sit on stairs as it was fully seated.

When the convocation starts, I had seen two old parents came to find a seat. The old lady had found a seat while an old man did not find of it. Suddenly a young man offers his seat to old man and he sit on stairs. Give a thumb up to the young man.

At the middle of convocation, it has a short rest time that has a short singing performance. Awesome!

When I was a graduate, I was so nervous and sit to wait for my turn. Now, I went there as a member of family and I feel asleep to wait for my sister’s turn. Haha… That the difference of graduate and family.

After my sister turn, my family and I had went out before the convocation end. We wait she at in front of Dewan Canselor for photo session.

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