Saturday, 5 December 2015

Manila Food 2015: Binondo (Chinatown): Lan Zhou La Mian

Go to Binondo surely hunt for food because at there has lots of delicious food. As the restaurant recommend from online are far away with each other so we just tried for Lan Zhou La Mian. Hope in future has chance can try for other places with the proper guide so that will not get lost and save time in finding the place.

The place of Lan Zhou La Mian is quite small.

I ordered for Tomato Noodle. As the portion of food that coming was quite big in portion so five of us share to try and eat the food.

My friend had ordered Black Gulaman for drinks and I thought that they will make it freshly. Last, they gave a can of Black Gulaman or Cincau. The tea is complimentary upon order your food.  

I like my Tomato Noodle very much because I was seldom to see tomato noodle with lots of tomato and egg. I was so satisfied when eat of it. 

For me, Knife Mian has a bit salty so I just tried a little.

I don’t really like to eat meat so for me, Spareribs La Mian is so so. My friend found out that the spareribs are not fresh, it’s from spareribs can. 

I like the Fried Rice because it has lots of vegetable. The taste is same as normal fried rice.

The wanton soup is not bad. The wanton was quite Q.

I had seen many people gave a good review for this restaurant, maybe my taste has a little bit different with them but I like my tomato noodle very much. The portion they give also many, worth for money.

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