Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Manila Trip 2015: Manila Ocean Park: All Star Bird Show (1:15pm)

In Manila Ocean Park, the place to watch for Bird Show is same place with Sea Lion Show.

When we went to see the Bird Show, it was getting start and all good seats were occupied so we did not get a good seat to enjoy the show. We sat some near with the show.

First, the staff put a ball into one of the cups. I did not know what is the name of the things so I call it cup. Then keep turning the cups. After that he let the parrots to have a guess. Wow, the parrots knew where the ball at is.

Second was the birds’ ball competition. These two birds need to compete with each other to see who is the faster to throw the ball into the ball net like basketball.

Third was also competition between birds. They needed to put all the rings into the stand. The faster will be the winner. One of the birds is so clever because it took all the rings into the stand in one go instead of one by one.

Forth was shape recognition. The bird need to put the shape into the block accordingly such as triangle, square, circle and diamond shape.

Fifth was about mathematic. Do you believe the bird know how to calculate. The staff asked the audience to give the number for bird to count. You can see how the bird solves the mathematic equation by watch the video as below:-


Sixth was the interacting between birds with audiences. The staff wanted a man as volunteer. The man needed to take his money on his hand. After a while, a bird came to take away the man’s money. It is so clever that put the money into a donation box.   

After that, the staff needed for a lady as volunteer. The lady did not know the coming task and wait for the coming bird. Who know, the coming animal is not a bird but a snake. Before this, the staffs kept finding the coming animals because it was missing. The snake was at a secret place at audience side so when the staff found the snake, the audience who sat beside secret place were screaming. When saw the snake, the lady was so afraid. Lastly, the lady let the snake put on her body.

The last was recycling part, the bird knew to throw the tin into recycle bin in order to save our earth.

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