Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Manila Trip 2015: Rizal Park

Rizal Park also known as Luneta National Park or simple Luneta is a historical urban park in the Philippines. Located along Roxas Boulevard, Manila adjacent to the old walled city of Intramurous, it is one of the largest urban parks in Asia- Wikipedia

The time we arrived Rizal Park, it was heavy raining so after went out from tricycle, we took umbrella and find a place to wait for rain stop. We had wait for rain stop in a restaurant.

When rain became small, we went out from restaurant and go around in Rizal Park.

Inside Rizal Park has many food kiosks named “Foodbox”. My friends and I had bought some food and drinks from there.

In Rizal Park has fountain and can hear music playing around. When we want to take picture of fountain in close view, the fountain did not occur so we wait for 2 songs ended and it still did not have fountain. I was not sure when the fountain show time.

The Rizal Park is big and we did not fully explore it and we just went around and back to the entrance. The places which did not explored by us such as Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden and “Ang Pagbabago” Mosaic Murals.

At here have many pigeons and their houses. You can stand there to see the birds.

Tired of walking? You can try for Hop-on Hop-off train. The time I went there, the train was rest at a side.

Before you come to Rizal Park, you can refer to map first because I had saw lots of places can be explore such as Chess Plaza, Flower Clock and many more.

Lapu-lapu Monument

Lapu-lapu was a ruler of Mactan in Visayas. The Philippines regards him as the first Filipino hero because he was the first native to resist Spanish colonization through his victory over the explorer Ferdinand Magelian. Monuments of Lapu-lapu have been built in Manila and Cebu while the Philippines National Police and Bureau of Fire Protection use his image in his honor – Wikipedia

Near with Lapu-lapu Monument has a children playground which I saw from Lapu-lapu Monument that has Jurassic creatures, animals and lots of things to play with. As we did not have time, if not we would like to go in to take some pictures.

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