Thursday, 24 December 2015

Manila Food 2015: Chowking

Chowking is a Philippine based chain that pioneered the Asian quick service restaurant concept in Philippines. The concept combines a Western fast food service style with Chinese food. It’s predominantly sells noodle soups, dim sum and rice toppings.

I like the concept of Chowking because I cannot find Chinese food served as fast food in Malaysia. Perhaps it can open a branch in Malaysia? Haha..

Robinson Place

I ordered Pancit Canton & Chunky Asado Siopao with regular drink which cost me 100 peso. Pancit in Filipino cuisine is noodles.

I like the noodle because it has vegetables. The taste is good. If you dislike eating siopao, can choose for fried chicken and the price will have slightly different. This Siopao is same as the pao we eat in Malaysia.

ChowKing Robinson Ermita
Level 4, 034-037 Robinson Place, Ermita

Metropoint Mall

I ordered Wanton Mami Classic with Drink which cost me 63 peso. The portion for noodle is so little with few of wantons which make me feel like no enough.

Drinking coke in the morning is quite weird so I just drink for few sips. My friend told me that I can say I don’t want coke and they will only charge for the noodle soup.

Metro Pointstar Food Corporation
Metropoint Branch
3rd Floor, Metropoint Bldg, Cor, Taft Ave

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