Monday, 21 December 2015

Manila Trip 2015: Intramuros : Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago, a 16th century military defense structure, stands witness to the valor and heroism if the Filipino through the centuries. Adaptive use of this famous historical landmark makes certain areas ideal for open air theater, picnics, and promenades. The Intramuros Visitors Centre gives an overview of various attractions in the walled city.

1. The ticket entitled for free entrance to all facilities including the Intramuros Visitors Centre and the Rizal Shrine.

2. Picking of fruits and flowers is strictly prohibited. Please avoid littering.

The entrance fee for Fort Santiago is 75 peso.

Jose Rizal considered a national hero in the Philippines was imprisoned at Fort Santiago before his execution in 1896 as were countless others.

Inside Fort Santiago, I had saw many people go around with horse rides.

Fort Santiago has many places suitable for photo taking.

The bronze footprint was the Jose Rizal’s final walk from his cell to his execution.

At the brochure has stated that it has cultural shows on weekend at 4:30p.m featuring bamboo music on Saturdays and folk dances on Sundays. I went to there on Thursday so there are no cultural shows are playing.

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