Saturday, 12 December 2015

Manila Trip 2015: Intramuros : San Augustine Church + Museum

San Augustine Church originally known as “inglesia de San Pabio” founded in 1571 is the oldest church in the Philippines. In year 1993, it declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

The time we arrived San Augustine Church, it was closed because it has wedding function so we just took some pictures at outside of church.

The San Augustine Museum was opened so I went to take a visit. The entrance fee for museum as below:-

Adult 100 peso
Senior Citizen 80 peso
Student (Local students with ID) 80 peso

Inside of museum have collections of Spanish era artifacts, furniture, paintings, statues and other church ornaments.

My friends did not interest for museum so I alone went inside to visit. I just have 15 minutes to visit museum while my friends went around near with church for photo taking. Therefore, I just have a quick view and snap for all the collections in museum.

All the collections in museum are so beautiful.

In Museum, I had surprised arrived church. Actually inside museum also can go into the church while the main door of church was closing. Then, I took this opportunity to see the beauty of the church.

The architecture of church is very beautiful. While inside of church, don’t forget to see the top because it also very amazing.

First, I would like to ask the help of other tourist to help me take a photo inside of church but I saw that many of them busy with photo taking therefore I plan to visit museum first and come back church for photo taking.

The times I came back to church, the church full of people to attend wedding so I had missed the chance for photo taking in church.

When I took a photo from library corner, I heard a guy said “She is so beautiful!” Then I was curious who is beautiful. After the guy walked away, I went to there to take a look. Wow, the girl really so beautiful so I had took a photo of she. The photo of the girl as below, agree or not with me, she is so beautiful? Hehe..

Inside of museum is quite big so if you have many times, you can slowly to enjoy the art in museum.I had gone into a gallery. Inside of gallery has lots of statues, collections and paintings too. When saw of statues, I also want to take photo with them. Therefore, I used my front camera to do selfie with them. I seldom selfie so I was difficult to adjust the picture include I with the statues plus the statues are big and tall so I give up.

I think a Japanese girl saw I took so long time in adjust my position with statues but still cannot get a good pose so she made a take picture gesture and said “Picture”. She wants to help me take photo with the statues. Then I passed my camera to the girl for helping me. This was my only picture which took by someone in museum. I was very appreciated for her help.

After that, I had tried to selfie with those statues but I did not upload the pictures in this blog because not so beautiful. Haha..

When I came out from museum, my friends were waiting for me outside of church. That time has many people and cars because the wedding was getting start.

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