Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Manila Trip 2015: Manila Central Post Office

The Manila Central Post Office is the central post office of the city of Manila. Designed by Juan M Areliano and Tomas Mapua, the post office building was built in neoclassical architecture in 1926. It was severely damaged in World War II and rebuilt in 1946 preserving most of its original design. The location of the Post Office building in the Ermita district of the city east of Intramuros – Wikipedia

The building of post office is so beautiful. At the front of post office has a blue shirt postman figurine stand.

The purpose I went to post office was to buy the stamps. I did not buy postcard yet so I cannot send postcard from here.

Inside of post office is very big and has many counters so I did not need to queue to wait for my turn to buy stamps. I had seen a philately shop but did not have time to go in because I did not want my friends wait me at outside for long time. 

Inside of post office has mail boxes for you to send letters and postcards.

For postcard, you just need to buy 13 peso of stamps which can send to everywhere.


Where to buy Postcard?


Papemelroti is actually the combination of the firs syllables of 5 names- Patsy, Peggy, Meldy, Robert and Tina. They are the children of Benny and Corit Alejandro, who started the Papemelroti business. Papemelroti is a specialty shop which carries a wide variety of gifts and decorative accessories.

In Greenhills Shopping Center, I had bought some postcards in Papemelroti. The designs of postcards are very beautiful. Each postcard cost me 5 peso.

Papemelroti has many branches in Manila so you can go at any branch to buy postcard. To know the branches of Papemelroti, click here.

Intramuros : Casa Manila

Inside Casa Manila has a souvenir shop which you can search for postcards. In here also has postcard designed by Papemelroti but the price has a little bit expensive. The souvenir shop did not sell stamps but you can ask them to help you send the postcard by pay some money.

National Book Store

National Book Store is the largest bookstore and offices supply chain in the Philippines. To know the branches of National Book Store, click here.

Inside book store has a wall of postcards for you to choose. As I had bought some postcards in Papemelroti so I did not buy any postcards in here.

Inside book store has a small café, I asked my friend to wait for me at there while I walked around in book store.

Mail Box

Beside Manila Central Post Office, I had seen outside of Greenhills Shopping Center has a small post office with a mail box.

For my postcards, I asked for the help of receptionist to send the postcard because every week, postman will come to The Oasis Paco Park Hotel collect the mail. Until now, I still did not receive my postcard. Haiz....

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