Friday, 4 December 2015

Manila Food 2015: Robinson Place: Goldilocks

My first meal in Manila was at Goldilocks. Goldilocks is the largest Filipino-owned bakeshop chain in the world. When I read about Global Expansion of Goldilocks, I just knew that in many countries has the branch of Goldilocks such as California, United States, Thailand and many more coming soon.

Once upon a time in 1966, two sisters, Milagros and Clarita and their sister-in-law Doris, decided to open a small bakeshop along Pasong Tamo Street in Makati. A third sister, Maria Flor suggested that they name the enterprise “Goldilocks” after the character in a fairy tale. The intention was to make it easier for children and their mother to remember the bakeshop’s name and also because it suggested luck and prosperity – The Goldilocks Fairytale

If you forget what the fairy tales of Goldilocks about, let watch for the video as below:-

I ordered a set meal which included Steamed Rice, 3 pieces of Lumpiang Shanghai, All Veggie Kare-kare and Sago with Gulaman which cost me 99 peso.

After ordered the food, I will get a number to be waiting for my food.

This Sago with Gulaman drinks is sweet. Gulaman in Philippine cuisine refer to the bars of dried seaweed used to make jellies as well as the desserts made from it.

The Lumpiang Shanghai (spring roll) is made from pork. Near with the rice has sambal. I like to eat spring roll so for this lumpiang I also like too.

This Kare-kare is so creamy and sweet. It has some vegetables and eggplant.

Inside the Goldilocks has a small bakeshop which sells bread and cake.  In overall, I was satisfied with the meal and my impression for the dish of Manila is sweet.

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