Friday, 1 November 2013

Labuan Mooncake Festival 2013 (Day 3)

21 September 2013 (Saturday)

At this day, it has float procession. The road line for float procession was start with Kampung Sungai Keling >> Town area >> Kampung Sungai Keling. We had planned to eat our dinner at Marrybrown which located at town area and besides road. It is one of the strategic location to see the float procession.

Waiting..keep waiting..
Before float procession, many people already standby or pick a nice place to view the float procession. I also pick a strategic place to record a video but when the float procession come, I just noticed that I had been pick a wrong place because a man who besides me always cross the line to take photos. This makes me change my mind from record video to take pciture. 

People sit at float

Mickey & Minnie
The most exciting part was meeting with Disney Cartoons such as Ronald Duck with Daisy, Snow White with 7 dwarfs, Mickey with Minnie and Goofy. It makes me feel like I am in Disneyland. Yeah!

A lovely couple that hand in hand
Hi and bye!

Hihi, Chang Er
Beautiful Chang Er (Moon Goddess of immortality) with her cute rabbit were waved hands from floats. Hihi…

Bicycles procession

Wow, thumb up!
During float procession, I was so impress with some children that walking with stick. They are so tall and just walk like normal, if me, surely fall down or maybe the stick will broke as cannot afford for my weight. Haha..

So cool
Minions coming

To view more pictures, I had made a link from THB’s album which as below:-

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