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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Remembrance Day Quiz 2013

Labuan Remembrance Day also known as “Poppy Day”, it is commemorated on Sunday closest to November 11 every year. War veterans from the Commonwealth countries as well as locals and visitors from all over the world gather in WWII Memorial, Labuan to pay tribute to the brave souls of yesteryears – Tourism Malaysia    

To celebrate the day, Labuan Tourist Information Centre had organized Remembrance Day Quiz via Facebook. Below are the questions and answers that I compile from Fan Page of Labuan Tourist Information Centre, Tourism Malaysia.

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Ans: Papan Island
Ans: The American Wreck
Ans: Sir Hugh Low
Ans: The Peace Park
Ans: Coal Mining Industry
7th November 2013

At 12 p.m., it was lunch time, I was surfing Facebook and saw the question of quiz for the day (Question No.5). After seeing the question, my head has thinks of the answer but in Chinese so I quickly to ask for the help of Mr. Google (I was so nervous and cannot translate the answer in English directly because I need to be the first to get the answer in order to win). After get the answer from Mr. Google, I key in the answer and luckily, I am the first who answer the question correctly.

Ans: 16th April 1984
Ans: Poppy Day
Ans: World War II Memorial
Ans: Jalan Tun Mustapha
Ans: Proboscis Monkey
8th November 2013

Labuan Tourist Information Centre had informed me that the time to collect the hamper was 11th November 2013 at 2.30 pm as want to have a group photo session. Unfortunately, I cannot manage to go as I need to work so I collect my hamper early in the morning before I go to work.



  1. i was there Labuan Memorial War.. about few week back.. very interesting place to visit..
    By the way.. congratulation for your success in this quiz..!!! :D

    1. Time Traveller,
      Yes, it is. I hope that next year can go there during Remembrance Day.


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