Friday, 8 November 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 to Santa Claus

In the end of year 2012, I had been reading an article about write a letter or card to Santa Claus and Santa Claus will send a card for return. As the times that I knew about this was too late so I plan to do it for year 2013.

Finally, in this year, I can send a card to Santa Claus for my first times. My first card was sent to Finland at early of October as I know that Santa Claus (Finland) is the very busy Santa Claus as everyone also sends a card to him so to get him reply will be late while my last batch of Christmas cards were sent at the middle of October with a stamp of RM 2.00 for each card. 

Feel interested?
You also can try for it as I had been included the address of Santa Claus in this post. Hohoho..

Santa Claus
Arctic Circle
96930 Rovaniemi

Santa Claus
North Pole, HOHOHO

Weihnachtspostfiliale (English: Santa Clause)
16798 Himmelpfort

Santa Claus
1440 Drobak, Norway

Santa Claus
Christmastown, North Pole, 9999

Santa Claus
2412 Nuuk


Although I did not know that whether I can get a return card from Santa Claus or not and I just give it a try, perhaps my Christmas 2013 will be different. I will update in my blog when I get a return card from Santa Claus.

References (Chinese):

3. 圣诞老人的来信
4.  Dear Santa - 圣诞老人的回信

Received Letter from Santa Claus:

28 November 2013: Germany
16 December 2013: Canada
3 January 2014: Greenland & Hong Kong

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