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Friday, 18 October 2013

Labuan Mooncake Festival 2013 (Day 1)


[Day 2] [Day 3]

Date: 19 September 2013 (Thursday)

In this year, as usual, Labuan Mooncake Festival was held at Kampung Sungai Keling for 3 days. The organizer for this event is Persatuan Belia/Beliawanis Tiong Hua Kampung Sungai Keling with Labuan Tourism.
The times I went to there, it was full of people and the lion dance performance was on-going. I had heard of one announcement announced about a child been missing with her parents so require her parents to come at stage. Imagine that the place was so crowded that easily to get lost.

At there, I had seem some foreigners also come here to take a look or celebrate with us. 

Like usual, I took photos of all the floats as a memory. In this year, for me the most outstanding float will be Minion float. It has 4 different types of minions displayed.

I also joined for the lucky draw by write down my name and identity card number on a paper which was prepared by organizer. After take the paper, your hand will be stamp a mark by the staff at there as prevent you comes for second times to join lucky draw. Lucky draw will draw on day 3.

You can take picture at this small stage
THB Airlines

Lion dance
It also provide some chairs for you to sit and enjoy the performances
test walk to ensure the sticks are stable
Before the last lion dance performance, I can saw the performer test walked on all the sticks to ensure the stick is stable. If the stick is not stable, it will cause any accident happen.

Stick with light
During the last lion dance performance, the lion was fall down but don’t worry as it has mattress stand by on the floor so the persons did not has any injury.

Lion dance
About 9.40 pm, the performance was finished. Actually, for those who has miss out the photo session with Disney cartoon at early event can take a photo with Disney cartoon after the events finished but I did not joined for it. 

To view more pictures, I had made a link from THB’s album which as below:-


  1. Wow, the mooncake festival is so happening there!!

    1. Hayley,
      Yes, it is so happening and it does listed at Malaysia Events Calender too :)


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