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Friday, 17 July 2015

Shopping Experience with Soulshine

Soulshine is a website which you can buy some products come out from the passion of a group of young people in terms of music, art and design.

Before this, I had purchased a book about volunteer story by Grace Wang which named 《婉如一道彩虹》. In this year, she had published a new book named《时间,空间,人间》which will talk more detail about her volunteer story in India.

In April 2015, I had known that new book of Grace Wang open for pre-order so I immediately order it. The book estimate will arrive on the middle of May but due to some publishing problem so I received the book on June.

Compare with the first book, I can saw that this book has improvement especially the size of the picture which become bigger and clear to see. I enjoy read the volunteer story in Mother House, India because through the story, I knew more details of a job scope of a volunteer such as cleaning, play with kids, massage old people and many more. Besides her own story, Grace also sharing other international volunteer stories whose also have a passion for helping people in needs.

When purchased this book, I had spotted that this website also selling Christmas postcard. In order to save the shipping fee, I had bought the book together with the postcard.

These 12 days of Christmas postcards are drawn by 4 illustrators who are Emily, Zhong, Eric Tee and Dora Wenzhan. They are unrevealing the secret inside of the lyric of this 3 centuries old song with 12 of their exquisite postcard design. To know the creative idea behind the postcard, you can click here to read it. To see the clear view of each postcard, click “Wordless Wednesday: 12 Days of Christmas”.

Website: Soulshine
Facebook: Soulshine

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