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Friday, 10 July 2015

Chain Postcard

Do you ever play chain postcard?

Chain Postcard involves more than 2 persons to play it. The different with the the normal postcard is your postcard will return back to you. It also has the risk of losing which same with normal postcard.

In May 2015, I had joined to play Chain Postcard which involved 3 countries. It was my first time to play of it.  Our Chain Postcard as below:-

CoCo Pig (Hong Kong) >> Wendy Wang (Taiwan) >> Me (Malaysia)

It means that CoCo Pig will send her postcard to Wendy, then Wendy will send the postcard to me and I will send the postcard back to CoCo Pig. It looks like a circle and the circle also same applied to Wendy and me. 

In this Chain Postcard, I just need to write and send the postcard to CoCo Pig so I will have her address. CoCo Pig will monitor the Chain Postcard to ensure all go smooth. Our Chain Postcard has a theme which is written a quote that you like.

First, I need to prepare a postcard to write my favorite quote with CoCo Pig’s address. Do leave some space on the postcard for your friends to write the quote and address.

CoCo Pig had kept tracked with the postcard which sent by us by recording on a paper. On 14th May, Wendy had sent out her postcard while CoCo Pig and I sent out our postcard on 15th May.

The journey of the postcard had started.

25th May 2015

I had received Wendy’s postcard. Wendy was using the blank postcard, one side of postcard write address while the other side writes favorite quote.

After received the postcard, it was my turn to write my favorite quote on Wendy’s postcard.  I had seen Wendy draw some boarder on a postcard so I also draw a simple boarder.

After wrote a favorite quote, I had paste the stamp on my address to cover it so that the postman will not confuse the address of received.  After pasting the stamp, I write the address of CoCo Pig and send out.

3rd June 2015

 I had received CoCo Pig’s postcard which sent from Wendy. The picture of the postcard has a kid is feeding the giraffe.

On the postcard has 2 favorite quotes by CoCo Pig and Wendy.

I spotted that on postcard has 2 addresses (address of Wendy and I) so I use sticker to cover the address of Wendy and use stamp to cover my address.  Same as before that I had written my favorite quote and CoCo Pig’s address on a postcard and send the postcard to CoCo Pig.

15th June 2015

My postcard finally back from traveling. Haha.. The Chain Postcard was successful. On my postcard have 3 favorite quotes include my favorite quote. Besides that, on my postcard also have 3 countries’ stamps.

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