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Thursday, 6 March 2014

2014-01 Favorite Postcards Received (Part 1)

In this month, I had received an unexpected letter from Hong Kong. As you know, I always exchange postcard with others so when received this letter (not postcard), my brain full of question mark as I did not have any idea who send for me.

After opened and read the letter, all the questions had been solved. This letter sent from a girl from Hong Kong that saw my postcard displayed in a Doughut shop and suddenly she feel like want to write a letter for me.

Before this, I had been participated the exchange postcard activity through Facebook of Doughut  that when I sent the postcard to the shop then the staff at there will send back a postcard for me. That why the girl can saw my postcard at there. After reading this letter, I hope that in future I can go to Hong Kong and search for my postcard in Doughut shop.

This is a Christmas postcard that I had joined for the design. I had drawn the head of Santa Claus myself while the rest completed by Poor Happy Girl Cafe. I am Santa Claus..Hohoho..

I reused the Santa Claus head by crop it through my drawing postcard that I had post in blog with title of "Postcard Project: Send some warms to orphan".

This postcard is customized for me as the picture of postcard is ME. This is a cartoon or cute version of me and I like it so much. 

This is a Taiwan map postcard which printed with pattern of Hakka fabric. The flower pattern of Hakka style was so nice.

This is wedding advertisement postcard that has a beautiful lady with wedding gown. This was my first time to receive the wedding theme postcard.

As this year is a horse year so I also received a New Year postcard with horse illustration. In postcard, the horse eating carrot, so special…haha

This postcard has a name of “Taiwan – Love in the Island” that all the states in Taiwan arranged in a love shape. Love the theme of this postcard which seems meaningful and interesting.

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