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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Calendar 2014: Faithfulness

This calendar has theme of faithfulness which provide by Rancha-rancha Aerated Water.  

Faithfulness is the concept of unfailingly remaining loyal to someone or something and putting that loyalty into consistent practice, regardless of extenuating of circumstances - Wikipedia

I like the design of this calendar which was putting the element of faithfulness which is one of the Chinese traditional virtues into the calendar. 

This calendar shows week by week with some details like what can do and what cannot do during the days, the good and bad times and other information that related with Chinese Feng Shui.

I had picked up some interesting words from the calendar which as below:-

现实职场工作中- 我们好多人都有这样一个坏习惯- 常常会为自己没有实现的工作职责去找种种理由和借口- 企图把自己本来该为工作承担的责任全部推辞掉- 不管这些理由是不是真的很事实- 失信的责任总是自己应该承担的。
*We must responsible with our job*

不同人对诚信有不同的看法-有的人视之为粪土-有的人视之为生命。视诚信为粪土的人-将诚信随意抛弃- 这个人的生命也犹如粪土-视诚信如生命的人-他的生命也因为诚信而生辉。
*We must faithfulness in our life*

融入职场- 一步一个脚印是职业发展所具备的第一个条件。一个人如果能坚守自己的承诺- 言而有信-做一名诚信的职业人。暂时的吃亏就会为你赢得后面的成绩和利益。
“We must keep our promise*

“不经历风雨- 怎么见彩虹”的确- 也许我们是要经历多次的选择- 才能最终找到适合自己的职业。但是- 这不应该成为我们不负责任- 随性而为的借口。要走-还是先履行完我们的承诺-这是职业诚信的基本要求。
*We must carry out our promise*

一个人的跳槽次数-就是其职场诚信记录-对于个人来讲-一个人跳槽越频繁-越难找到好工作-对于企业管理者来说-他们会认为这个人不稳定-没有耐心和诚心- 必定不是能安心工作的人- 因而大多不会对其予以重用。
*We must faithfulness to our job by reduce the number of times resign*

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