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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dilemma in Choosing Handphone: Wait or Not to Wait

Recently, I always think to change my handphone as my current Nokia handphone has problem in typing message that the touch function has a little bit problem example when I type the number 3 then it will come out with number 2. It means that if I touch with the menu in right side of my phone, it will come out the results of left side. Sometimes, I need to keep rotate (vertical and horizontal) my handphone screen to type the message.

When searching for the phone, the first brand that comes out from my brain will be Samsung brand as many people were using this brand of handphone. I know that on 11th April, Samsung S5 will release and the price for Samsung phone will be drop so do I need to wait for after 11th April to buy a new Samsung phone?

The second handphone brand that I will be considered is Sony brand. There are so many model of Sony Xperia so I have a little bit difficult in choosing which model will be better for me. So far, the model that I think will be suit to my budget and function is Sony Xperia Z but I also keep an eye to find another model that would be better from time to time.

For this month, I just think of whether want to buy a new phone or wait until April as now my handphone still working except has some difficult in typing message. It would be nice if I can get a free handphone through lucky draw or someone give to me so I did not need to headache about choosing handphone and I know that it is impossible to be happen. Haha…

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