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Sunday, 9 March 2014

HGC by V-Gen (Small Giveaway)

Through Wanista, I had an opportunity to try for a beauty drink which is HGC. The alphabet for HGC represent for different active ingredients which as below:-

H- Hyaluronic Acid
G- L-Glutathione
C- Vitamin C

For above active ingredients, I am more familiar with Vitamin C that for anti-oxidant while it was my first time to heard of Hyaluronic Acid and L-Glutathione so I had found more information about these two ingredients at website of V Gen and know that these 2 ingredients have many benefits which as below:-

Benefit of Hyaluronic Acid
Hydrate dry skin
Make skin smooth & soft
Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
Promote hair growth
Restore hair color

Benefit of L-Glutathione
Synthesis & Repair of DNA
Prevention of Viral Influenza
Prevention of Cancer
Prevention of Heart, Liver & Kidney Diseases
Improve Eye, Hair & Dental condition
Skin Care
Alcoholism & Hangover

In a box of HGC has 30 sachets and you can direct consume 1-2 sachets a day. To achieve best results, it is advisable to consume at night or morning before breakfast.

Although it is recommend to direct consume but I usually drink it during night before sleep. After open the package, you can see that it is a white powder.  After mixing with room temperature water, it will become exactly like water and when drink of it can feel has a little bit sourly. I can saw that my acne had a little bit lightening but my pimple keep coming out on my face during 2 weeks of consume.

It makes me stop to drink it now as I think that maybe this beauty drinks did not suitable for me. It was so waste if I just leave the rest of sachets on my table without continue drinking it so I plan to giveaway some sachets to anyone who interested for a try.


As I had been saw many good review from other Beauty Bloggers such as Arisa Chow, Jennifer, Kelly Chin so I plan to giving out the rest of sachets of HGC to those who interested in trying this before decide to purchase it.

How to join?
I will give some sachets of HGC to the FIRST 3 people who comment in this post with the format as below:


Terms & Conditions:
1. For those who has Malaysia address.


  1. This product seems nice! Feel want to have a try!
    Name: Koey Leow

  2. I want to have a great try
    Name: Eriol Loh


  3. Name: Jeisley Looi

    First time heard of this product, wanna try it =D

  4. Hai J-Mei,Even I'm the forth one. I just want to try my luck

    Name: Miss Ika

  5. Never try and never know!
    Name: canice gee

  6. Dear Miss Ika & Canice Gee,
    Thanks for your participate and I also wish that I have extra sachets of HGC to be giveaway but the sachets that left just enough for 3 persons.


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