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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Funniest Story between Me and Car


At evening, my family and I had gone to Sport Complex for a jog. After jog for few rounds, we stopped for rest while my dad direct went to car to wait for us. After a few minutes, we went to car.

On the way to my car, I had seen my dad was changing cloth at outside of car.

Me: Wow, dad has brought cloth to change.
(I was so surprise as my dad usually did not bring cloth to change after jog)

Mum: You see properly, your dad at that side.
(Mum had pointed that my dad at other side walking so my dad was not at outside of car or changing cloth)

The man who was changing cloth is not my dad but other guy that park near with my car so I had wrongly recognize that he is my dad. Did not know that whether the guy had heard of our conversation and realize that I had thought him as my dad. Haha…

After going home, I was washing the car. I wash the car from front, right, back and left side. After finished washed my car, then I only realized that I had forget to wash the roof of the car. Wash car without wash the roof, I think only me will do this. At last I just use the water to spout the roof of the car to clear out all the dirt.

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