Monday, 2 December 2013

Remembrance Day Quiz 2013: Prizes

11th November 2013

Around 8.30 a.m., I went to Labuan Tourist Information Centre to collect my hamper and having photo session as I was winning from Remembrance Day Quiz that held by last week.

Let take a look for the prize that I get as below:

Hamper + Souvenir
I was received a hamper that has some snacks, biscuits, strawberry drinks, candy and others. 

Besides that, Labuan Tourist Information Centre also gave me some souvenirs which look interesting and memorable.

At first, I saw this Orang-utan or apes, I thought that it just for car decoration but I am wrong as it is a car air purifier. Wow, this orang utan is so high technology. This Orang-utan is also mascot for ‘Visit Malaysia 2014’

 Orang-utans are large apes that live in Southeast Asia (on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra). The word “orang-utan” means ‘Men of the Forest’ in Malay language.

Based on the information on the packaging, this Orang-utan uses nano technology to clean and purify the air inside your car which means that Orang-utan has anti-bacterial and air purifying properties. It is safe as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

The things that made me feel unbelievable is this Orang-utan car air purifies does not require any filter change and do not need batteries which works continuously every day for up to 3 years! Although it looks amazing but I did not hang it onto my car’s windscreen as I did not want to use it because it is so cute. 

Recycle bag
Recycle bag that has a picture of Hornbill with title of “Malaysia Truly Asia”. My mum said that she had been seen this recycle bag before with picture of hibiscus.

The souvenirs also include some big posters about the travel destination in Malaysia.

Luggage tag
Before open the plastic of packaging, I have no idea what the Hibiscus for. After opened it, the Hibiscus is a luggage tag. Wow, really is a big and outstanding Red Hibiscus luggage tag.

The Red Hibiscus or Bunga Raya is proudly, Malaysia’s national flower. Its bold color symbolizes courage and its petals represent the country’s 5 Principles of Nationhood.  

Car sticker
It also has a car sticker about Visit Malaysia 2014.

Flag of 'Visit Malaysia 2014'
When I wanted to leave after get the prize, a staff had given me this flag as souvenir.

Malaysia Travel Guide & Badges
I have a booklet of ‘Malaysia Travel Guide’ which include the places of interest, dining and events of 13 states and 3 Federal Territories. You also can get a free copy of this book at any Tourism Office in Malaysia. As next year is ‘Visit Malaysia Year’ so I also have 2 badges with different shapes.

Small flag
Besides a flag, I also get a small flag that can stick on table. 

I was so happy when saw a note book inside the recycle bag. I can use this note book to jot down anything such as travel, events and others.

That’s all for the prizes that I get from Labuan Tourist Information Centre that made me happy during discovering the content inside the hamper and bag.


  1. Oh wow! Congratulations for winning the quiz, you won so many goodies ^_^ I really love the plush orangutan, its so adorable!!



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